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The Black Boerboel
There is much controversy surrounding the "Black boerboel". Everyone seems to have a philosophy on this issue, here's ours: To each their own! We have been breeding molosser dogs for 25 years and have seen many many variations on color, size, stature, you name it. We thin
k this, the people in South Africa had a need for a black night dog with all of the capabilities of the boerboel. So, they searched around for a compatible match with the color they wanted. What I believe I see in my viewing of these dogs for years now is this; it seems some breeders used Cane Corsos, some used Neapolitan Mastiffs, some used Bullmastiffs, and some used Black Labradors (the worst combo if you ask me ~ note the disparity in the pictures shown of black boerboels). So, . . . if this happened, is this blasphemy? To assume that people took different dogs possibly hundreds of years ago and combined them to get exactly what they needed to fulfill their needs? No, actually it is how all the boerboels (and all domesticated dogs for that matter) originated.
So, is there a "Black Boerboel" devoid of all traces of Bullmastiff, Neo, or Cane Corso? Very possible and it seems DNA work in South Africa is pointing towards YES . . . however, in my research it seems that most of the black boerboels have these missing "voids" back in their pedigrees (maybe when the Cane Corso or Neo or whatever was introduced? I do not know or care). I am not calling anyone a liar and do not wish to engage in a debate, I merely state my personal opinion as a lifelong study and breeder of this type of animal, . . .nothing more. We have imported several of these amazing specimens from several breeders in Soutth Africa and have begun the journey towards producing our ideal of what these dogs can and should be (like our philosophy on the reds as well). Unfortunately, due to the legitimate controversy over whether there IS or is NOT a true "pure" black boerboel, we are caught bewee two dog registries as our females are registered AKC and the black males are registered SABT (only registry claiming the existence of the black dogs), so all progeny stemming from black sires have their regisrtration temporarily suspended until we can make the rather large exodus to an SABT appraisal which takes place annually at very limited venues countrywide.



Alpine Lion's Massimo

Massimo, Massimo, Massimo, . . .where do I begin with this guy. First off, in true Alpine Lion fashion, we'll let your eyes judge Massimo for the most part. Massimo comes to us directly from South Africa. His father is the highest ranking black boerboel in existence and we believe they named him appropriately.
Massimo has the fire of a true African warrior but he has an affinity for children that borders on supernatural. We still have to get used to his protective growls as we do our night rounds, because Massimo is simply invisible. Enjoy watching Massimo grow with us, he is already a feast for the eyes!
(Keep an eye out for his half brother Nero as well on the Lion's page)
**Pictured Below at 18 months old!!!***

Alpine Lion's Nero

Nero again comes to us directly from South Africa from the most established breeder of the black boerboels . His father is the highest ranking black boerboel in existence and we believe they named him appropriately.

Nero has all of fire his half brother Massimo has but seems even a bit more alpha. We look to Nero to provide even more of a good thing in our breeding program with both our pure Black Boerboel and African Mastino lines
**Pictured Below at 18 months old!!!***

The "Boerso"
(1/2 Cane Corso 1/2 Boerboel)

In the spirit of the first folks designing dogs for their needs and really just to engage creatively in dog breeding, we have decided to branch into the world of hybrids. We have taken the best Cane Corso we could find (pictured) and breed him to a robust athletic beorboel female (Estes Bella ~ pictured). What we produced were absolutely gorgeous "Boersos" of the first order (see "Ninja" pictured below as well). Thick headed, well muscled, highly assertive, black molossers that exhibit extremely vibrant health do to a concept know as "hybrid vigor" (Google it).
Mind you, these were not boerboels and there were a few striking differences. Their musculature while awesome is still not at the absolute peak on canine superiority like we feel the boerboel is (however we only saw this on the male side of the spectrum), and they tend to be quite a bit more independent animals (not as "locked in" to their people, more "job" oriented).
They are however, slightly more assertive when it comes to guard and bite work, making them exceptional top tier guard/estate dogs.

(pups will be most likely be registered with the The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) - we are still researching the best registry to provide our level of service and pedigree information for our customers)

Alpine Lion's Ninja
(Boerso ~ Hybrid)

The African Mastino
(what ALL "pure" black boerboels REALLY are)
(3/4 Boerboel and 1/4 Italian "working" Mastino ~ or a variation of percentages)
Well, this is it and we don't run from the debate . . . but, any breeder of molossers worth their salt KNOWS that black mastiffs came from Italy. They did NOT "miraculously" show up on the African savannah, they were brought there and interbred with their existing dog (the boerboel) then culled to reduce any traits left over from the mastinos (drooping dewflaps, undershot bite, etc . . ) sans the black color. Eureka . . . a black boerboel!! Well, we're not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with this as it worked GREAT and we (and many others) love the black color and increased size and stature. In fact we agree SOO much with what was done in South Africa, that we have duplicated that exact philosophy and practice here in America. However, being that in America we have many more checks and balances than in a third world country like South Africa, simply presenting the AKC with black dogs that have missing parts of their pedigree **[see letter from AKC]** to be registered like other boerboels . . .is NOT going to happen. Whatever was done in South Africa to push these dogs thru as pure, is subject to much controversy and cannot be duplicated here in the USA. So, to that end we are looking into registering ALL our black dogs and their progeny whether supposedly "pure" Boerboel or African Mastino thru a Hybrid Canine Registry (this will give our customers a reckoning of all dogs gone into their animal and offer every bit as much as an SABT registration from a country thousands of miles away will afford . . . most likely even more).
Below is a collage of "pure" black boerboels WE have produced . . . AND "African Mastinos" we welcome you to try and tell the difference using your eyes (and NOT a piece of paper telling you what to think and believe)
(hint . . . the picture with two black dogs is one of each)

Alpine Lion's African Mastino @ 10 months old

(27 inches at shoulder and weighing in at 170+ lean!!)

Pictured with his owner who is over 6' tall and sizeable




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